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Leyla I.

Wow what a day! Fantastic in every way✨Thanks Micael and all participants❤️🙏 already looking forward to the next event!

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Anette K.

A wonderful experience with meditation on the rocks in the morning sun and yoga before fantastic breakfast. Micael shares his wisdom and energy. Highly recommended.

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Mikael F.

"Björkö SUP gave us the most beautiful experience of the hidden archipelago pearl Björkö. Around the harbor's throng of creative activities, the paddle tour created a lively and close feeling of 2020's small harbor life. The guide seemed to know everything and everyone on the island and scattered tips on the best bathing cliffs and drinking breaks. Thank you Björkö SUP! "

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José R

Thank you Micael for your trust and for showing me the true meaning of Yoga and meditation, for your appreciation and with warm and open arms, you have given me the tool, the most important tool that has always existed but never been used! Be humble, be open, be honest with yourself, MAKE THE CHANGE, it's much easier than you think. "

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Goran K

"A really good place to grow. Exercises that are good for body and soul. Micael is a very good trainer and his smile creates ripples of lightness and calm throughout the room. Thank you for everything"

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Sandra S

"Coming into the room and feeling harmony & love Micael has a fantastic knowledge, feeling and a sense of presence that is difficult to reflect. He feels the situation among all participants A mixture of challenging and fun yoga positions and to the important part of yoga - breathing as Micael is good at getting into the yoga section Quite simply, a great moment and feels "one" with myself afterwards "

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