It doesn’t matter whether you are a yogi, engineer, janitor, nurse, bartender, or mathematician, our team will work with you to identify gaps and bring focus to your life and your business. Our goal is to move in the direction towards joy, ease and your full potential by stepping into authentic leadership
"By changing ourselves we can change the world"

Micael Wigerud

Micael is the founder and CEO of Volition Studios. He is an authentic Master teacher that has learned to transform and help elevate individuals and business organizations. He offers wisdom talks and meditations sessions in corporate offices , in yoga studios, universities and within sports. He also offers 1:1 private sessions upon request. It doesn’t matter whether you meet him on yoga mat, the ski hill or in the boardroom he will guide, initiate and help to transform your practice with immersions and trainings that will change your life.

Med erfarenhet från stora globala samarbeten och som entreprenör från en ung ålder ger han entusiasm, unik kreativ lösning och äventyr till varje interaktion. Med en bakgrund inom teknik har han lärt sig att blanda kritiskt och kreativt för att bedöma innehåll och hjälpa till att översätta din vision till en tillgänglig och effektfull närvaro. Kombinera detta med att vara en Sattva yogalärare utbildad i Himalaya Micael själv uttrycka det som ”Genom att förändra oss själva kan vi förändra världen”


"Let’s start today, one breath and step at a time."

Jeanette Ryujin

Jeanette is a leader by heart. She knows that obstacles are hidden opportunities to grow. Sometimes having courage means moving through the discomfort even when you can’t see the destination.

Is what you seek possible? Are you willing? At some point during our lives we come to that place where you either adapt and grow or stay in the comfort that we know. If you are here, you want to change. With Volition she wants to help you to attain that unrealized dream, meet the obstruction or find the freedom or joy in your life. As a manager, a nurse and Sattva trained Yoga instructor Jeanette blends the ancient teachings of Yoga with the science of modern Nursing. Transforming stress anxiety and pain into wisdom, peace and health. She is a transformative healer and coach.

If you are in the Health care profession and are feeling overwhelmed or burned out join us to learn sacred Himalayan yoga breathing techniques to calm and heal your nervous system. Learn what self –care really means and ways teach your clients simple and relaxing breathing techniques. Get out of your own waiting room. The time is now. Let’s start today, one breath and step at a time.