Volition Studios Provides

Meditation courses

1. Introduction to Meditation

Learn to meditate and the principles and benefits of adding a meditation practice to your life.

2. Sattva Meditation Initiation

Sattva Meditation is a powerful and transformative technique developed Himalayas at the source of meditation. Based on ancient Yoga-Vedantic traditions, it includes practices that have been used for thousands of years and are more relevant than ever for modern minds. When you are ready to take next step in your meditation journey. A lifelong meditation practice.

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1:1 Private sessions

Personal 1: 1 session is created for transformational growth. Whether it's about changing patterns, using stress, strengthening true leadership. Raise awareness or inner healing each session begins with you and from there together you create a journey. Available online and IRL

These private sessions are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. All designed to release all that which might hold you back from being you fully. Self Mastery begins with a first conscious decision of making you a priority.

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Volition shares yoga online and in different settings and collaborations.
Experience the power of Himalayan Breathwork and Kriya to radically shift, balance and enliven the whole body’s energy system. Great effect for shifting and upgrading your system.

1. Online Yoga with Volition, Sundays on Facebook Live (Volition page)
2. Summer schedule on Björkö Island at the beautiful Restaurant Seaside deck, BryggYoga
3.June/July Upper Houses classes at Gothia Towers Göteborg
4. New classes coming all the time

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Retreats & Events

Volition Retreats are waiting for the Covid situation to stabilize. Next year Canaria Islands & India Journey is in the planning phase.
Hopefully end of summer one Retreat in Sweden can happen. Sign up on our newsletter to get latest updates and information

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Corporate (services)

One of the most important steps one can take in these times is to bring conscious conversations and techniques into the business. We see the world leading tech companies guiding the way and making meditation and mindfulness a high prioritization. Not only for wellbeing and personal growth but also for the customers and the output of the organizations.



Public speaking

Servant Leadership - unleash the potential in your Agile organization
Inner Efficiency – clean coding for inner efficiency

Corporate Meditation

Meditation kan hjälpa ditt team och företag att blomstra. Oavsett om du vill förbättra din arbetsplatskultur, minska stressnivåerna eller öka välbefinnandet Volition har program som kan hjälpa dig att uppnå det genom meditation och medveten träning. Vår verktygslåda kombinerar meditation, andningstekniker och senaste forskningsinsikter kring mindfulness på jobbet.


Workshops are a powerful way of brining conscious awareness into the organization. We facilitate physical and digital workshops for teams and management groups

Individual Growth Programs

Design to empower and develop the individual in full holistic perspective. Normally runs over a 6-months period of time

Integrated Leadership Programs, coaching & mentoring

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